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A set of tools for drawing on a map.

ui.Map.DrawingTools(layers, shape, selected, shown, linked)ui.Map.DrawingTools
layersList, optionalAn array of geometry layers with which to initialize the drawing tools.
shapeString, optionalThe shape to draw. One of the following: point, line, polygon, or rectangle. Defaults to polygon.
selectedui.Map.GeometryLayer, optionalThe selected geometry layer. Defaults to null.
shownBoolean, optionalWhen false, hides the drawing tools or, when true, shows the shape selecter and allows the list panel's visibility to be determined by the presence of geometry layers in the list. Defaults to true.
linkedBoolean, optionalWhether the drawing tools are linked to the geometries in the imports pane. When false, the tools do not display imported geometries. Defaults to false.