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Computes a 2D error matrix for a collection by comparing two columns of a collection: one containing the actual values, and one containing predicted values.The values are expected to be small contiguous integers, starting from 0. Axis 0 (the rows) of the matrix correspond to the actual values, and Axis 1 (the columns) to the predicted values.

ImageCollection.errorMatrix(actual, predicted, order)ConfusionMatrix
this: collectionFeatureCollectionThe input collection.
actualStringThe name of the property containing the actual value.
predictedStringThe name of the property containing the predicted value.
orderList, default: nullA list of the expected values. If this argument is not specified, the values are assumed to be contiguous and span the range 0 to maxValue. If specified, only values matching this list are used, and the matrix will have dimensions and order matching the this list.