Returns a filter that passes if the object's timestamp falls within the given range of a calendar field. The month, day_of_year, day_of_month, and day_of_week are 1-based. Times are assumed to be in UTC. Weeks are assumed to begin on Monday as day 1. If end < start then this tests for value >= start OR value <= end, to allow for wrapping.

ee.Filter.calendarRange(start, end, field)Filter

The start of the desired calendar field, inclusive.

endInteger, default: null

The end of the desired calendar field, inclusive. Defaults to the same value as start.

fieldString, default: "day_of_year"

The calendar field to filter over. Options are: 'year', 'month', 'hour', 'minute', 'day_of_year', 'day_of_month', and 'day_of_week'.