A draggable target that ranges linearly between two dates. The date slider can be configured to display dates of various interval sizes, including day, 8-day, and year. The value of the slider is displayed as a label alongside it.

ui.DateSlider(start, end, value, period, onChange, disabled, style)ui.DateSlider
startDate|Number|String, optional

The start date, as a UTC timestamp, date string, or ee.Date. Defaults to one week ago.

endDate|Number|String, optional

The end date, as a UTC timestamp, date string, or ee.Date. Defaults to today.

valueDate|Number|String, optional

The initial value. The value is an array consisting of the start and end date for the selected date range, but for convenience, it can be set by specifying the start date alone. Defaults to yesterday.

periodNumber, optional

The interval size for values on the slider in days. Defaults to one.

onChangeFunction, optional

A callback to fire when the slider's state changes. The callback is passed an ee.DateRange representing the slider's current value and the slider widget.

disabledBoolean, optional

Whether the slider is disabled. Defaults to false.

styleObject, optional

An object of allowed CSS styles with their values to be set for this widget. Defaults to an empty object.