Generates a Chart from an image collection. Extracts and plots the value of the specified band in each region for each image in the collection. Usually a time series.

  - X-axis = Image labeled by xProperty (default: 'system:time_start').

  - Y-axis = Reducer output.

  - Series = Region labeled by seriesProperty (default: 'system:index').

Returns a chart.

ui.Chart.image.seriesByRegion(imageCollection, regions, reducer, band, scale, xProperty, seriesProperty)ui.Chart
imageCollectionImageCollectionAn ImageCollection with data to be included in the chart.
regionsFeature|FeatureCollection|Geometry|ListThe regions to reduce.
reducerReducerReducer that generates the value for the y-axis. Must return a single value.
bandNumber|String, optionalThe band name to reduce using the reducer. Defaults to the first band.
scaleNumber, optionalScale to use with the reducer in meters.
xPropertyString, optionalProperty to be used as the label for each image on the x-axis. Defaults to 'system:time_start'.
seriesPropertyString, optionalProperty of features in opt_regions to be used for series labels. Defaults to 'system:index'.