Creates a batch task to export an ImageCollection as a video to Drive. The collection must only contain RGB images. Tasks can be started from the Tasks tab. "crsTransform", "scale", and "dimensions" are mutually exclusive.

Export.video.toDrive(collection, description, folder, fileNamePrefix, framesPerSecond, dimensions, region, scale, crs, crsTransform, maxPixels, maxFrames)

The image collection to export.

descriptionString, optional

A human-readable name of the task. May contain letters, numbers, -, _ (no spaces). Defaults to "myExportVideoTask".

folderString, optional

The Google Drive Folder that the export will reside in. Note: (a) if the folder name exists at any level, the output is written to it, (b) if duplicate folder names exist, output is written to the most recently modified folder, (c) if the folder name does not exist, a new folder will be created at the root, and (d) folder names with separators (e.g. 'path/to/file') are interpreted as literal strings, not system paths. Defaults to Drive root.

fileNamePrefixString, optional

The filename prefix. May contain letters, numbers, -, _ (no spaces). Defaults to the description.

framesPerSecondNumber, optional

The framerate of the exported video. Must be a value between 0.1 and 100. Defaults to 1.

dimensionsNumber|String, optional

The dimensions to use for the exported image. Takes either a single positive integer as the maximum dimension or "WIDTHxHEIGHT" where WIDTH and HEIGHT are each positive integers.

regionGeometry.LinearRing|Geometry.Polygon|String, optional

A LinearRing, Polygon, or coordinates representing region to export. These may be specified as the Geometry objects or coordinates serialized as a string. If not specified, the region defaults to the viewport at the time of invocation.

scaleNumber, optional

Resolution in meters per pixel.

crsString, optional

CRS to use for the exported image. Defaults to the Google Maps Mercator projection, SR-ORG:6627.

crsTransformString, optional

Affine transform to use for the exported image. Requires "crs" to be defined.

maxPixelsNumber, optional

Restrict the number of pixels in the export. By default, you will see an error if the export exceeds 1e8 pixels. Setting this value explicitly allows one to raise or lower this limit.

maxFramesNumber, optional

Set the maximum number of frames to export. By default, a maximum of 1000 frames may be exported. By setting this explicitly, you may raise or lower this limit.