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Creates a Reducer to compute the mean of all inputs in the specified percentile range. For small numbers of inputs (up to maxRaw) the mean will be computed directly; for larger numbers of inputs the mean will be derived from a histogram.

ee.Reducer.intervalMean(minPercentile, maxPercentile, maxBuckets, minBucketWidth, maxRaw)Reducer
minPercentileFloatThe lower bound of the percentile range.
maxPercentileFloatThe upper bound of the percentile range.
maxBucketsInteger, default: nullThe maximum number of buckets to use when building a histogram; will be rounded up to a power of 2.
minBucketWidthFloat, default: nullThe minimum histogram bucket width, or null to allow any power of 2.
maxRawInteger, default: nullThe number of values to accumulate before building the initial histogram.