Creates a batch task to export a FeatureCollection as a table to Drive. Tasks can be started from the Tasks tab.

Export.table.toDrive(collection, description, folder, fileNamePrefix, fileFormat, selectors)

The feature collection to export.

descriptionString, optional

A human-readable name of the task. Defaults to "myExportTableTask".

folderString, optional

The Google Drive Folder that the export will reside in.

fileNamePrefixString, optional

The filename prefix. Defaults to the task's description.

fileFormatString, optional

The output format: "CSV" (default),

"GeoJSON", "KML", "KMZ", or "SHP", or "TFRecord".

selectorsList, optional

A list of properties to include in the export; either a single string with comma-separated names or a list of strings.