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Generates a Chart from a set of features. Plots the value of one or more properties for each feature:

  - X-axis = Features labeled by xProperty (default: 'system:index').

  - Y-axis = Values of yProperties (default: all properties).

  - Series = Names of yProperties.

The values are ordered along the x-axis in the same order as the input features.

Returns a chart.

ui.Chart.feature.byFeature(features, xProperty, yProperties)ui.Chart
featuresFeature|FeatureCollection|ListThe features to include in the chart.
xPropertyString, optionalThe property used as the value of each feature on the x-axis. Defaults to 'system:index'.
yPropertiesList, optionalProperty or properties used on the y-axis. If omitted, all properties of all features will be charted on the y-axis (except xProperty).