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Features can be constructed from one of the following arguments plus an optional dictionary of properties:

  - An ee.Geometry.

  - A GeoJSON Geometry.

  - A GeoJSON Feature.

  - A computed object: reinterpreted as a geometry if properties are specified, and as a feature if they aren't.

ee.Feature(geometry, properties)Feature
geometryComputedObject|Feature|Geometry|ObjectA geometry or feature.
propertiesObject, optionalA dictionary of metadata properties. If the first parameter is a Feature (instead of a geometry), this is unused.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// Create the simplest possible feature.
print(ee.Feature(null));  // Empty feature

// Demonstrate how to set a feature's id.
print(ee.Feature(null, {'id': 'yada'}).id());  // null
print(ee.Feature(null, {'system:index': 'abc123'}).id());  // abc123

// The simplest possible feature with a geometry.
var feature = ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point([-114.318, 38.985]));
Map.centerObject(feature, 10);