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Asynchronously retrieves the value of this object from the server and passes it to the provided callback function.

this: computedobjectComputedObjectThe ComputedObject instance.
callbackFunctionA function of the form function(success, failure), called when the server returns an answer. If the request succeeded, the success argument contains the evaluated result. If the request failed, the failure argument will contains an error message.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

 * WARNING: this function transfers data from Earth Engine servers to the
 * client. Doing so can negatively affect request processing and client
 * performance. Server-side options should be used whenever possible.
 * Learn more about the distinction between server and client:

// A server-side ee.String object fetched from a feature property.
var stringServer = ee.Feature(null, {lc: 'grassland'}).getString('lc');

// Use evaluate to transfer server-side string to client for use in ui.Label.
stringServer.evaluate(function(stringClient) {
  print('Client-side primitive data type', typeof stringClient);  // string
  print('Client-side string', stringClient);  // grassland
  print('Client-side string used in ui.Label',
        ui.Label('Land cover: ' + stringClient));  // Land cover: grassland