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List features for a given table asset.

Returns the call results. Null if a callback is specified.

UsageReturns, params, callback)api.ListFeaturesResponse
assetStringThe table asset ID to query.
paramsapi.ProjectsAssetsListFeaturesNamedParametersAn object containing request parameters with the following possible values:   - pageSize (number): An optional maximum number of results per page, default is 1000.   - pageToken (string): An optional token identifying a page of results the server should return, usually taken from the response object.   - region (string): If present, a geometry defining a query region, specified as a GeoJSON geometry string (see RFC 7946).   - filter (comma-separated strings): If present, specifies additional simple property filters (see
callbackFunction, optionalAn optional callback, called with two parameters: the first is the resulting list of features and the second is an error string on failure. If not supplied, the call is made synchronously.