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Computes the spectral/spatial erosion of an image by computing the spectral distance of each pixel under a structuring kernel from the centroid of all pixels under the kernel and taking the closest result. See 'Spatial/spectral endmember extraction by multidimensional morphological operations.' IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 40.9 (2002): 2025-2041.

Image.spectralErosion(metric, kernel, useCentroid)Image
this: imageImageThe input image.
metricString, default: "sam"The spectral distance metric to use. One of 'sam' (spectral angle mapper), 'sid' (spectral information divergence), 'sed' (squared euclidean distance), or 'emd' (earth movers distance).
kernelKernel, default: nullConnectedness kernel. Defaults to a square of radius 1 (8-way connected).
useCentroidBoolean, default: falseIf true, distances are computed from the mean of all pixels under the kernel instead of the kernel's center pixel.