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A draggable target that ranges linearly between two numeric values. The value of the slider is displayed as a label alongside it.

ui.Slider(min, max, value, step, onChange, direction, disabled, style)ui.Slider
minNumber, optionalThe minimum value. Defaults to 0.
maxNumber, optionalThe maximum value. Defaults to 1.
valueNumber, optionalThe initial value. Defaults to 0.
stepNumber, optionalThe step size for the slider. Defaults to 0.01.
onChangeFunction, optionalA callback to fire when the slider's state changes. The callback is passed the slider's current value and the slider widget.
directionString, optionalThe direction of the slider. One of 'horizontal' or 'vertical'. Defaults to 'horizontal'.
disabledBoolean, optionalWhether the slider is disabled. Defaults to false.
styleObject, optionalAn object of allowed CSS styles with their values to be set for this widget. See style() documentation.