Select properties from each Feature in a collection. It is also possible to call this function with only string arguments; they will be all be interpreted as propertySelectors (varargs).

Returns the feature collection with selected properties.

UsageReturns, newProperties, retainGeometry)FeatureCollection
this: featurecollectionFeatureCollection

The FeatureCollection instance.


A list of names or regexes specifying the attributes to select.

newPropertiesList, optional

A list of new names for the output properties. Must match the number of properties selected.

retainGeometryBoolean, optional

When false, the result will have a NULL geometry. Defaults to true.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// FeatureCollection of power plants in Belgium.
var fc = ee.FeatureCollection('WRI/GPPD/power_plants')
            .filter('country_lg == "Belgium"');

// Select a single property.
var singleProp ='fuel1');
print('Single property selected',

// Select multiple properties.
var multiProp =['fuel1', 'capacitymw']);
print('Multiple properties selected',

// Select multiple properties and rename them.
var multiPropRename ={
  propertySelectors: ['fuel1', 'capacitymw'],
  newProperties: ['Fuel_1', 'Capacity_MW']
print('Multiple properties selected, renamed',

// Select multiple properties, remove geometry.
var multiPropNoGeom ={
  propertySelectors: ['fuel1', 'capacitymw'],
  retainGeometry: false
print('Multiple properties selected, geometry removed',