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Select properties from each Feature in a collection. It is also possible to call this function with only string arguments; they will be all be interpreted as propertySelectors (varargs).

Returns the feature collection with selected properties.

UsageReturns, newProperties, retainGeometry)FeatureCollection
this: featurecollectionFeatureCollectionThe FeatureCollection instance.
propertySelectorsListA list of names or regexes specifying the attributes to select.
newPropertiesList, optionalA list of new names for the output properties. Must match the number of properties selected.
retainGeometryBoolean, optionalWhen false, the result will have a NULL geometry. Defaults to true.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// FeatureCollection of power plants in Belgium.
var fc = ee.FeatureCollection('WRI/GPPD/power_plants')
            .filter('country_lg == "Belgium"');

// Select a single property.
var singleProp ='fuel1');
print('Single property selected',

// Select multiple properties.
var multiProp =['fuel1', 'capacitymw']);
print('Multiple properties selected',

// Select multiple properties and rename them.
var multiPropRename ={
  propertySelectors: ['fuel1', 'capacitymw'],
  newProperties: ['Fuel_1', 'Capacity_MW']
print('Multiple properties selected, renamed',

// Select multiple properties, remove geometry.
var multiPropNoGeom ={
  propertySelectors: ['fuel1', 'capacitymw'],
  retainGeometry: false
print('Multiple properties selected, geometry removed',