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Generates a Chart from an ImageCollection. Plots derived values of each band in a region for a each day of the year.

  - X-axis: Day of year (startDay to endDay, defaults to 1 to 366).

  - Y-axis: Derived band value (reduced within the region and across years).

  - Series: Band names.

Returns a chart.

ui.Chart.image.doySeries(imageCollection, region, regionReducer, scale, yearReducer, startDay, endDay)ui.Chart
imageCollectionImageCollectionThe ImageCollection to chart.
regionFeature|FeatureCollection|Geometry, optionalThe region to reduce. Defaults to the union of all geometries in the image collection.
regionReducerReducer, optionalReducer for aggregating band values within the region. Must return a single value. Defaults to ee.Reducer.mean().
scaleNumber, optionalScale to use with the region reducer in meters.
yearReducerReducer, optionalReducer for aggregating regionReducer outputs across years (for a given day). Must return a single value. Defaults to ee.Reducer.mean().
startDayNumber, optionalDay of year to start the series. Must be between 1 and 366.
endDayNumber, optionalDay of year to end the series. Must be between startDay and 366.