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Creates a batch task to export a FeatureCollection as a table to Google Cloud Storage. Tasks can be started from the Tasks tab.

Export.table.toCloudStorage(collection, description, bucket, fileNamePrefix, fileFormat, selectors, maxVertices)
collectionFeatureCollectionThe feature collection to export.
descriptionString, optionalA human-readable name of the task. Defaults to "myExportTableTask".
bucketString, optionalThe Cloud Storage destination bucket.
fileNamePrefixString, optionalThe string used as the output's prefix. A trailing "/" indicates a path. Defaults to the description.
fileFormatString, optionalThe output format: "CSV" (default), "GeoJSON", "KML", "KMZ", "SHP", or "TFRecord".
selectorsList, optionalA list of properties to include in the export; either a single string with comma-separated names or a list of strings.
maxVerticesNumber, optionalMax number of uncut vertices per geometry; geometries with more vertices will be cut into pieces smaller than this size.