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Generates a Chart from a set of features. Computes and plots a histogram of the given property.

  - X-axis = Histogram buckets (of property value).

  - Y-axis = Frequency (i.e. the number of features whose value of property lands within the x-axis bucket bounds).

Returns a chart.

ui.Chart.feature.histogram(features, property, maxBuckets, minBucketWidth, maxRaw)ui.Chart
featuresFeature|FeatureCollection|ListThe features to include in the chart.
propertyStringThe name of the property to generate the histogram for.
maxBucketsNumber, optionalThe maximum number of buckets to use when building a histogram; will be rounded up to a power of 2. Not used when the value of property is non-numeric.
minBucketWidthNumber, optionalThe minimum histogram bucket width, or null to allow any power of 2. Not used when property is non-numeric.
maxRawNumber, optionalThe number of values to accumulate before building the initial histogram. Not used when property is non-numeric.