Chrome Dev Summit 2017
October 23-24 | San Francisco, USA


Watch the livestream during this two-day exploration of building beautiful and performant experiences on the web. Content will focus on how to ship fast and modern Progressive Web Apps, and on new and exciting features coming to the web platform.


Firebase Dev Summit 2017
October 31 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

An annual event to bring together the Firebase community and hear about the latest product releases. The day will be filled with deep-dive sessions, instructor-led codelabs, office hours, and an after party.



Udacity Scholarship Challenge

Applications open until November 30

Apply to the Udacity Scholarship Challenge which includes project reviews, mentorship, community support, and the chance to qualify for a full Nanodegree scholarship in Android or Web development. There are 50,000 places available for beginner and intermediate developers based in the US.

Cloud Firestore Public Beta

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that simplifies storing, syncing, and querying data for your mobile and web apps at global scale. Its client libraries give you live synchronization and offline support, while its security features and integrations with the Firebase and Google Cloud platforms accelerate building truly serverless apps.

Google Play Indie Games Contest Europe 2017

Submissions accepted until Dec 31

The second edition of the Indie Games Contest in Europe - a celebration of the passion and innovation of European indie game developers - is now open for submissions. It's your chance to get your game noticed by industry experts and players worldwide, and win prizes that will showcase your art and help you grow your business.


API.AI is now Dialogflow

Dialogflow, previously called API.AI, helps you build natural and rich conversational experiences powered by AI. Learn more about the new name and two new features that will further enhance your development process: in-line code editor and multi-lingual agents.