An industry-wide effort to develop new technology that will improve people's privacy across the Web and apps on Android.

The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to create technologies that both protect people's privacy online and give companies and developers tools to build thriving digital businesses. The Privacy Sandbox reduces cross-site and cross-app tracking while helping to keep online content and services free for all.

Protecting your privacy online

Privacy Sandbox for the web will phase out third-party cookies and limit covert tracking. By creating new web standards, it will provide publishers with safer alternatives to existing technology, so they can continue building digital businesses while your data stays private.
Privacy Sandbox on Android strengthens privacy while providing tools app developers need to support and grow their businesses. It introduces new solutions that operate without cross-app identifiers—including Advertising IDs—and limits data sharing with third parties.

The Privacy Sandbox proposals are in various stages of the development process.

The proposals are being developed in public forums, in collaboration with members of the industry. We also continue to work with the UK's Competition and Markets Authority in line with the commitments we offered for Privacy Sandbox for the web. We encourage participation through the many public feedback channels that inform development of the proposals. Stakeholders can also use this form to share feedback directly with Chrome.