Google for Games Developer Summit
March 23 | Livestream

Announcing the Google for Games Developer Summit on March 23. Tune in to our keynote at 9AM PT. Every year, we look forward to sharing the latest gaming announcements at GDC to help developers make awesome games. This year, we’re bringing these sessions online.



New Apps, Games, & Insights podcast

Bringing together insights, stories, and learnings from industry and Google experts on some of today's hottest topics surrounding mobile and the apps and games industry.

The first series covers topics from responsible engagement, through advice from mergers and acquisitions and venture capital experts, to discussions on hot topics such as privacy and accessibility.

Tune in to the latest episode released each week.

Meet the finalists of the Indie Games Festival

Check out some of the best indie games of 2019. After reviewing hundreds of entries, it’s time to meet the top 60 games that will be competing for 9 grand prizes.

2019 Developer Student Club Leads

Developer Student Clubs train thousands of student developers globally and work with their communities to solve real-life problems. University students who lead a DSC gain access to Google technology, events, and mentorship while training their local community through fun meetups, project building activities, and global competitions.

Celebrating app makers worldwide

Developers, founders, product managers, designers, and others reveal what they do when they step away from their computers.

Discover their dreams, passions, and who they are as people.

Google 为中国开发者提供的资源

无论您的产品是针对国内还是面向国际市场,您都可以在这里找到最相关的 Google 产品和技术资源。