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Converts a collection to a single multi-band image containing all of the bands of every image in the collection. Output bands are named by prefixing the existing band names with the image id from which it came (e.g.: 'image1_band1')

this: collectionImageCollectionThe input collection.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// A Landsat 8 TOA image collection (2 months of images at a specific point).
var col = ee.ImageCollection('LANDSAT/LC08/C02/T1_TOA')
  .filterBounds(ee.Geometry.Point(-90.70, 34.71))
  .filterDate('2020-07-01', '2020-09-01')
  .select('B[4-5]');  // Get NIR and SWIR1 bands only.
print('Collection', col);

// Convert the image collection to a single multi-band image. Note that image ID
// ('system:index') is prepended to band names to delineate the source images.
var img = col.toBands();
print('Collection to bands', img);

// Band order is determined by collection order. Here, the collection is
// sorted in descending order of the date of observation (reverse of previous).
var bandOrder = col.sort('DATE_ACQUIRED', false).toBands();
print('Customized band order', bandOrder);