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Calculates aspect in degrees from a terrain DEM.

The local gradient is computed using the 4-connected neighbors of each pixel, so missing values will occur around the edges of an image.

inputImageAn elevation image, in meters.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// A digital elevation model.
var dem = ee.Image('NASA/NASADEM_HGT/001').select('elevation');

// Calculate slope. Units are degrees, range is [0,90).
var slope = ee.Terrain.slope(dem);

// Calculate aspect. Units are degrees where 0=N, 90=E, 180=S, 270=W.
var aspect = ee.Terrain.aspect(dem);

// Display slope and aspect layers on the map.
Map.setCenter(-123.457, 47.815, 11);
Map.addLayer(slope, {min: 0, max: 89.99}, 'Slope');
Map.addLayer(aspect, {min: 0, max: 359.99}, 'Aspect');

// Use the ee.Terrain.products function to calculate slope, aspect, and
// hillshade simultaneously. The output bands are appended to the input image.
// Hillshade is calculated based on illumination azimuth=270, elevation=45.
var terrain = ee.Terrain.products(dem);
print('ee.Terrain.products bands', terrain.bandNames());
Map.addLayer('hillshade'), {min: 0, max: 255}, 'Hillshade');;