Produces an RGB or grayscale visualization of an image. Each of the gain, bias, min, max and gamma arguments can take either a single value, which will be applied to all bands, or a list of values the same length as bands.
Image.visualize(bands, gain, bias, min, max, gamma, opacity, palette, forceRgbOutput)Image
this: imageImageThe image to visualize.
bandsObject, default: nullA list of the bands to visualize. If empty, the first 3 are used.
gainObject, default: nullThe visualization gain(s) to use.
biasObject, default: nullThe visualization bias(es) to use.
minObject, default: nullThe value(s) to map to RGB8 value 0.
maxObject, default: nullThe value(s) to map to RGB8 value 255.
gammaObject, default: nullThe gamma correction factor(s) to use.
opacityNumber, default: nullThe opacity scaling factor to use.
paletteObject, default: nullThe color palette to use. List of CSS color identifiers or hexadecimal color strings (e.g. ['red', '00FF00', 'bluevlolet']).
forceRgbOutputBoolean, default: falseWhether to produce RGB output even for single-band inputs.