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FeatureCollections can be constructed from the following arguments:

  - A string: assumed to be the name of a collection.

  - A single geometry.

  - A single feature.

  - A list of features.

  - A GeoJSON FeatureCollection

  - A computed object: reinterpreted as a collection.

ee.FeatureCollection(args, column)FeatureCollection
argsComputedObject|Feature|FeatureCollection|Geometry|ListThe constructor arguments.
columnString, optionalThe name of the geometry column to use. Only useful when working with a named collection.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// FeatureCollection from a string (collection name). Note that this only works
// with client-side strings, it won't accept computed, server-side strings.
var collectionName = 'WRI/GPPD/power_plants';
var collectionNameFc = ee.FeatureCollection(collectionName);
print('FeatureCollection from a string', collectionNameFc.limit(5));

// FeatureCollection from a single geometry.
var singleGeometry = ee.Geometry.Point(-62.54, -27.32);
var singleGeometryFc = ee.FeatureCollection(singleGeometry);
print('FeatureCollection from a single geometry', singleGeometryFc);

// FeatureCollection from a single feature.
var singleFeature = ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(-62.54, -27.32), {key: 'val'});
var singleFeatureFc = ee.FeatureCollection(singleFeature);
print('FeatureCollection from a single feature', singleFeatureFc);

// FeatureCollection from a list of features.
var listOfFeatures = [
  ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(-62.54, -27.32), {key: 'val1'}),
  ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(-69.18, -10.64), {key: 'val2'}),
  ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(-45.98, -18.09), {key: 'val3'})
var listOfFeaturesFc = ee.FeatureCollection(listOfFeatures);
print('FeatureCollection from a list of features', listOfFeaturesFc);

// FeatureCollection from GeoJSON.
var geojson = {
  "type": "FeatureCollection",
  "columns": {
    "key": "String",
    "system:index": "String"
  "features": [
      "type": "Feature",
      "geometry": {
        "type": "Point",
        "coordinates": [
      "id": "0",
      "properties": {
        "key": "val1"
var geojsonFc = ee.FeatureCollection(geojson);
print('FeatureCollection from GeoJSON', geojsonFc);