Enables reprojection using the given reducer to combine all input pixels corresponding to each output pixel. If the reducer has a single input, it will be applied separately to each band of the collection; otherwise it must have the same number of inputs as the input image has bands.

The reducer output names determine the names of the output bands: reducers with multiple inputs will use the output names directly, reducers with a single input and single output will preserve the input band names, and reducers with a single input and multiple outputs will prefix the output name with the input band name (e.g. '10_mean', '10_stdDev', '20_mean', '20_stdDev', etc.).

Reducer input weights will be the product of the input mask and the fraction of the output pixel covered by the input pixel.

Image.reduceResolution(reducer, bestEffort, maxPixels)Image
this: imageImageThe input image.
reducerReducerThe reducer to apply to be used for combining pixels.
bestEffortBoolean, default: falseIf using the input at its default resolution would require too many pixels, start with already-reduced input pixels from a pyramid level that allows the operation to succeed.
maxPixelsInteger, default: 64The maximum number of input pixels to combine for each output pixel. Setting this too large will cause out-of-memory problems.