Returns a dictionary with only the specified keys.

UsageReturns, ignoreMissing)Dictionary
this: dictionaryDictionary


A list of keys or regular expressions to select.

ignoreMissingBoolean, default: false

Ignore selectors that don't match at least 1 key.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// A dictionary (e.g. results of ee.Image.reduceRegion of an S2 image).
var dict = ee.Dictionary({
  B1: 182,
  B2: 219,
  B3: 443

print('Select keys by name',['B1', 'B2']));
print('Select keys by regex',['B[1-2]']));
print('Set ignoreMissing as true to avoid an unmatched key error',{selectors: ['B1', 'B2', 'Region'], ignoreMissing: true}));