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Replaces mask and value of the input image with the mask and value of another image at all positions where the input mask is zero. The output image retains the metadata of the input image. By default, the output image also retains the footprint of the input, but setting sameFootprint to false allows to extend the footprint.

Image.unmask(value, sameFootprint)Image
this: inputImageInput image.
valueImage, default: nullNew value and mask for the masked pixels of the input image. If not specified, defaults to constant zero image which is valid everywhere.
sameFootprintBoolean, default: trueIf true (or unspecified), the output retains the footprint of the input image. If false, the footprint of the output is the union of the input footprint with the footprint of the value image.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// A Sentinel-2 surface reflectance image.
var img = ee.Image('COPERNICUS/S2_SR/20210109T185751_20210109T185931_T10SEG');
var trueColorViz = {
  bands: ['B4', 'B3', 'B2'],
  min: 0,
  max: 2700,
  gamma: 1.3
print('Sentinel-2 image', img);
Map.setCenter(-122.36, 37.47, 10);
Map.addLayer(img, trueColorViz, 'Sentinel-2 image');

// Create a Boolean land mask from the SWIR1 band; water is value 0, land is 1.
var landMask ='B11').gt(100);
print('Land mask', landMask);
Map.addLayer(landMask, {palette: ['blue', 'lightgreen']}, 'Land mask');

// Apply the single-band land mask to all image bands; pixel values equal to 0
// in the mask become invalid in the image.
var imgMasked = img.updateMask(landMask);
print('Image, land only', imgMasked);
Map.addLayer(imgMasked, trueColorViz, 'Image, land only');

// Set invalid masked pixels to a new value, e.g. a constant nodata value
// when exporting an image as GeoTIFF.
var imgUnmasked = imgMasked.unmask(32767);
print('Image, unmasked', imgMasked);
Map.addLayer(imgUnmasked, trueColorViz, 'Image, unmasked');

// Reset masked pixels to valid, fill with default value 0, input footprint.
var maskResetFootprint = imgMasked.unmask();
print('Image mask reset, footprint', maskResetFootprint);
Map.addLayer(maskResetFootprint, trueColorViz, 'Image mask reset, footprint');

// Reset masked pixels to valid, fill with default value 0, everywhere.
var maskResetEverywhere = imgMasked.unmask({sameFootprint: false});
print('Image mask reset, everywhere', maskResetEverywhere);
Map.addLayer(maskResetEverywhere, trueColorViz, 'Image mask reset, everywhere');

// Fill masked pixels with pixels from a different image.
var fill = ee.Image('COPERNICUS/S2_SR/20200618T184919_20200618T190341_T10SEG');
var imgFilled = imgMasked.unmask(fill);
print('Image, filled', imgFilled);
Map.addLayer(imgFilled, trueColorViz, 'Image, filled');