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Creates a shadow band, with output 1 where pixels are illumunated and 0 where they are shadowed. Takes as input an elevation band, azimuth and zenith of the light source in degrees, a neighborhood size, and whether or not to apply hysteresis when a shadow appears. Currently, this algorithm only works for Mercator projections, in which light rays are parallel.

ee.Terrain.hillShadow(image, azimuth, zenith, neighborhoodSize, hysteresis)Image
imageImageThe image to which to apply the shadow algorithm, in which each pixel should represent an elevation in meters.
azimuthFloatAzimuth in degrees.
zenithFloatZenith in degrees.
neighborhoodSizeInteger, default: 0Neighborhood size.
hysteresisBoolean, default: falseUse hysteresis. Less physically accurate, but may generate better images.