Output an array of values for each [pixel, band, image] tuple in an ImageCollection. The output contains rows of id, lon, lat, time, and all bands for each image that intersects each pixel in the given region.

ImageCollection.getRegion(geometry, scale, crs, crsTransform)List
this: collectionImageCollection

The image collection to extract data from.


The region over which to extract data.

scaleFloat, default: null

A nominal scale in meters of the projection to work in.

crsProjection, optional

The projection to work in. If unspecified, defaults to EPSG:4326. If specified in addition to scale, the projection is rescaled to the specified scale.

crsTransformList, default: null

The array of CRS transform values. This is a row-major ordering of a 3x2 affine transform. This option is mutually exclusive with the scale option, and will replace any transform already set on the given projection.