Computes a Landsat TOA composite from a collection of raw Landsat scenes. It applies standard TOA calibration and then assigns a cloud score to each pixel using the SimpleLandsatCloudScore algorithm. It selects the lowest possible range of cloud scores at each point and then computes per-band percentile values from the accepted pixels. This algorithm also uses the LandsatPathRowLimit algorithm to select only the least-cloudy scenes in regions where more than maxDepth input scenes are available.

ee.Algorithms.Landsat.simpleComposite(collection, percentile, cloudScoreRange, maxDepth, asFloat)Image

The raw Landsat ImageCollection to composite.

percentileInteger, default: 50

The percentile value to use when compositing each band.

cloudScoreRangeInteger, default: 10

The size of the range of cloud scores to accept per pixel.

maxDepthInteger, default: 40

An approximate limit on the maximum number of scenes used to compute each pixel.

asFloatBoolean, default: false

If true, output bands are in the same units as the Landsat.TOA algorithm; if false, TOA values are converted to uint8 by multiplying by 255 (reflective bands) or subtracting 100 (thermal bands) and rounding to the nearest integer.