Returns the area of the geometry. Area of points and line strings is 0, and the area of multi geometries is the sum of the areas of their components (intersecting areas are counted multiple times).

LineString.area(maxError, proj)Float
this: geometryGeometry

The geometry input.

maxErrorErrorMargin, default: null

The maximum amount of error tolerated when performing any necessary reprojection.

projProjection, default: null

If specified, the result will be in the units of the coordinate system of this projection. Otherwise it will be in square meters.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// Define a LineString object.
var lineString = ee.Geometry.LineString([[-122.09, 37.42], [-122.08, 37.43]]);

// Apply the area method to the LineString object.
var lineStringArea = lineString.area({'maxError': 1});

// Print the result to the console.
print('lineString.area(...) =', lineStringArea);

// Display relevant geometries on the map.
Map.setCenter(-122.085, 37.422, 15);
             {'color': 'black'},
             'Geometry [black]: lineString');