Answers to some common questions about appearing in Google News

Friday, July 16, 2021

At Google, we want to help everyone understand the world by connecting people with relevant and authoritative news from a variety of trusted publishers. Today, we're answering some common questions we've heard from publishers to help them better understand how news appears on Google News and Google Search.

Where does news appear on Google?

News content can appear on several different Google products, including Google News, Google Search, Google Assistant, YouTube, and Discover. For the purposes of this post, we'll focus on Google News and the News surfaces within Google Search, since most publisher questions pertain to these products.

Google News (which comprises the Google News iOS and Android apps, as well as includes a diverse set of features that help people find links to the latest news, along with the ability to follow specific topics and news sources. For example, the "For you" feed contains news stories based on your interests, while the Headlines section within the app surfaces fresh, newsworthy stories for all users in a particular region. People can also search within Google News to find links to content.

Google News Headlines

Google Search can show links to news content in web results, but Search also contains two news-specific surfaces. The Top stories carousel often appears at the top of Search results to highlight relevant news stories when people search for information on a timely topic like a recent sports game or the latest scientific breakthrough. Navigating to the News tab in Search helps people narrow their search results to focus on news-related results, which can help provide broader context for something in the news.

Google News Top Stories

Is my site eligible to appear in these places?

Your site is automatically considered for Google News and news surfaces in Search—no application requir