Go Daddy and Google offer easy access to Webmaster Tools

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome Go Daddy webmasters to the Google Webmaster Tools family! Today, we're announcing that Go Daddy, the world's largest hostname provider in the web hosting space, is working with us as a pilot partner so that their customers can more easily access Google Webmaster Tools. Go Daddy is a great partner, and we hope to educate more webmasters on how to make their site more search engine-friendly.

Go Daddy users will now see our link right in their hosting control center, and can launch Google Webmaster Tools directly from their hosting account. And Go Daddy makes the Google Webmaster Tools account creation process faster by adding the site, verifying the site, and submitting Sitemaps on behalf of hosting customers. Our tools show users how Google views their site, give useful stats like queries and links, diagnose problems, and share information with us in order to improve their site's visibility in search results.

As a continuation of these efforts, we look forward to working with other web hosting companies to add Google Webmaster Tools to their products soon.

And in case you're wondering, Webmaster Tools will stay 100% the same for current users. If you have questions or suggestions about our partnership with Go Daddy, let us know in our Webmaster community discussion groups.