Introducing Recipe View, based on rich snippets markup

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today, we're happy to introduce Recipe View, a new way of finding recipes when searching on Google. Recipe View enables you to filter your regular web search results to show only recipes and to restrict results based on ingredients, cook time, or calorie preferences.

Read more about Recipe View on the Official Google Blog and be sure to check out our video of Google Chef Scott Giambastiani demonstrating how he uses Recipe View to find great recipes for Googlers:

Recipe View is based on data from recipe rich snippets markup. As a webmaster, to make sure your recipe content can show in Recipe View (currently rolling out in the US and Japan) as well as in regular search results with rich snippets (available globally), be sure to add structured data markup to your recipe pages. Rich snippets are also available for reviews, people, products, and events, and we'll continue to expand this list of categories over time. You can always see the full list of supported types by referring to our rich snippets documentation and by watching for further updates here on the Webmaster Central Blog.

This marks an exciting milestone for us—it's the first time we've introduced search filters based on rich snippets markup from webmasters. Over time, we'll continue exploring new ways to enhance the search experience using this data.