Friday, August 22, 2008

Since both tennis and table tennis are in the Olympics, perhaps you're wondering: if there's soccer, why not "table soccer?" Of course, we know table soccer by another name; and while foosball may not be an Olympic sport, we still cheered Nathan Johns and Jan Backes—two members of our Search Quality team—as they brought home the foosball silver medal at the search engine foosball smackdown at SES San Jose.

"Smackdown" doesn't quite equate to "Olympics," but check out the intensity—you could hear a pin drop!

silver medalists at foosball

The gold medal (cup) went to the search engine down the road. :) gold medalists at foosball

Just to be sure they weren't ringers, I quizzed Daniel and Jake, "How can you prevent a file from being crawled?" They correctly answered, "robots.txt."

Gold cup well deserved.