One place for changing your site's settings

Friday, December 05, 2008

One of the many useful features of Webmaster Tools is the ability to adjust settings for your site, such as crawl rate or geographic target. We've been steadily adding settings over time and have now gotten to the point where they merit their own page. That's right, Webmaster Tools now provides a single, dedicated page where you can see and adjust all the settings for your site.

The settings that have been moved to the new Settings page are:

  1. Geographic Target
  2. Preferred domain control
  3. Opting in to enhanced image search
  4. Crawl rate control
settings page in webmaster tools

Changing a Setting

Whenever you change a setting, you will be given an option to save or cancel the change.

option to cancel a change in webmaster tools

Please note: The Save/Cancel option is provided on a per setting basis and hence if you change multiple settings, you'll have to click the Save button associated with each setting.

Expiration of a setting

Some of the settings are time-bounded. That is, your setting will expire after a certain time period. For example, the crawl rate setting has an expiration period of 90 days. After this period, it's automatically reset to the default setting. Whenever you visit the Settings page, you can view the date that your setting will expire underneath the setting name.

note confirming the expiration date of a setting in webmaster tools

That's all there is to it!

We always like adding features and making our interface clearer based on your suggestions, so keep them coming! Please share your feedback (or ask questions) in the Webmaster Help Forum.