Engage shoppers with deal pages in Google Search

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Get the most out of the Google Search deals carousel by creating deals pages for more sales events and following these best practices.

Create deals pages for all of your events

There are now over a billion shopping sessions on Google everyday and there is a massive rise in interest for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal queries on Google during the holiday season.

Since last year, we've continued to refine and improve the deals carousel, expanding its use to other popular sales events such as Labor Day and Memorial Day sales.

Deals Carousel for US Holidays

To get the most out of the deals carousel, create pages for each of your sales events. The deals carousel is currently limited to the US and operational for limited sales events.

Follow these best practices for deals pages

Last year we shared best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages. This advice included:

  • Create dedicated pages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Reuse the same URL each year
  • Create your pages early so that Google can index them
  • Follow standard SEO best practices
  • Link to the sale page from your home page
  • Include a high quality image

Based on experiences from last year, in order for you to better reach shoppers through the deals carousel, we now recommend the following best practices.

  • Create a dedicated page for each promotional event. We encourage you to create deals pages for all special promotional events, not just Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Include the event description in the page title, such as "Black Friday 2021 Deals". The page title is often incorporated into the text shown in the deals carousel.
  • Include an image relevant to the sale. Include a prominent image that will help shoppers understand your offering. For example, show products on sale or include banner text highlighting special offers or discounts. While Google generally discourages banner text in images, text in images can help on deals pages. Any text in an image should be reflected in the textual content on the page and in an appropriate alt text attribute. To minimize cropping in the deals carousel, we recommend that the aspect rat