Fresher data in your site's Search Performance report

Monday, September 23, 2019

We analyzed our user feedback, and today would like to announce a new improvement to the report based on users' #1 feature request—improved data freshness!

The Performance report helps webmasters and site owners better understand how their site performs on Google search, and answer questions such as:

  • General stats: How much traffic did my site get from Search and Discover?
  • Search queries: What are my site's top and trending search queries?
  • Top content: What are my site's most successful pages on Google search?
  • Site's audiences: From which countries? From which devices—is it mostly mobile?
  • Formats: What search formats does my site get (AMP, recipes, etc.)?

With the new fresh data, users can now see data as recent as less than a day old—a significant improvement compared to the previous few days.

We hope this improved data freshness allows you to better monitor and track your site's performance and addresses some important needs such as:

  • Seeing your weekend performance on Monday morning - no need to wait until Wednesday.
  • Checking on your site's stats first thing in the morning after, or even during, important days such as holidays, global events, and shopping days.
  • Checking if your site's traffic rebounds soon after fixing an important technical issue.
Fresh Data in Search Performance report

In addition, we updated the report to clearly communicate the data timezone (Pacific time zone). This is useful when you'd like to interpret the data compared to your local time zone or integrate it with other sources such as Google Analytics.