Growing the Webmaster Help Groups Team

Monday, January 07, 2008

One of the ways in which we continuously work to improve our service for users everywhere is to localize and adjust our tools for different regions. In November, we had a chance to introduce our international Webmaster Help Group Team and its guides from Dublin. Today I'm very happy to announce that we've launched three more Google monitored groups in Hebrew, Turkish and Hungarian.

Keeping with tradition, the new guides want to introduce themselves, so please meet our new Webmaster Help Group guides :-)

Google Guides group photo in Dublin

Turkish Webmaster Help Group

Merhaba! I am Bahar and I am very happy about our brand new Turkish Webmaster Help Group. I will be helping out on any topics related to this new group. Having an engineering background, I've worked in different parts of the IT field as a C and C++ developer and now I work for Google in Dublin. It was quite a big change for me to move here, leaving sunny Istanbul behind. But it was very easy to get used to this new life since I have met really friendly people here who are very enthusiastic about the job they have been doing. You're going to meet a couple of them as well when you keep reading further. Please do not hesitate to have a look at the group and drop your posts either to introduce yourselves or to discuss Webmaster related issues with me and hopefully soon many other helpful, open-minded members!
- Bahar

Hebrew Webmaster Help Group

I'm Alon and I'll be looking after the Hebrew Webmaster Help Group. Originally coming from the wonderful Israeli city of Holon, now I spend my days and nights in the green island called Ireland. So let me tell you a bit about myself by ranking keywords and their importance in my life: family, social activism, work, web, friends, Tel-Aviv, coffee and rollerblading, to mention a few. Prior to joining Google I graduated in economics and worked as a freelancer in the IT field. I love the online sphere, and for a couple of years now I've been volunteering for an organization facilitating international webmaster communication. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in our Hebrew Webmaster Help Group.
- Alon

Hungarian Webmaster Help Group

Sziasztok, my name is Tibor, and I am very excited about the launch of the Hungarian Webmaster Help Group. I grew up in the heart of Hungary, in the prosperous and pleasant city of Székesfehérvár, right between Lake Balaton and Budapest. I have an engineering and management background, seasoned with marketing and design experience, and have worked in various assignments, including dozens of web related projects (the first in '94). Today I am a happy owner of a small blog, but have some ambitious plans to start some bigger projects too, to get first hand experience of the constantly growing arsenal of Google's Webmaster Tools! I work primarily on search, dealing with Turkish and Lithuanian languages besides Hungarian. I also oversee trends in a dozen other languages scattered across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Just like my colleague János, I also enjoy old-school times with StarCraft, and my "weaknesses" also include Guitar Hero and the Nintendo Wii. As Webmaster Tools is now available in Hungarian, I look forward to hearing from you in the Hungarian Webmaster Help Group and to engage myself in vibrant discussions :-)
- Tibor
Sziasztok! My name is János and I'm in charge of the Hungarian Webmaster Help Group, too. I studied linguistics and worked in the IT industry before I ended up with Google in Ireland. Currently my primary work focus is search in several languages. In the past I've been lucky to support a wide range of different markets including Russian, Turkish, Polish and many more. Well, I like learning languages, as you might guess. I'm running my own website where I develop content, sometimes I need to troubleshoot it as well - no crawling/indexing issues yet though - I'm a happy Webmaster Tools user ;-) When I don't work, I'm usually at home surfing the Internet or leading my zealous Protoss forces against other races in the StarCraft universe. Please drop by the Hungarian Help Group and introduce yourself, too! My guide colleague Tibor and I are eagerly waiting to help you with webmaster issues.
- János