Updating Search Console users and permissions management

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Starting today, we're updating Search Console's user and permissions to incorporate functionality related to ownership and user management. Historically, these functionalities were only available in the previous Webmaster Tools experience.

The Webmaster verification tool has served our community well over the years. This launch takes us a step closer towards our goal of migrating functionality to Search Console, ensuring our users have a better, faster, and modernized experience.

New user management features in Search Console

The functionalities added to Search Console's user and permissions management include:

  • Distinguishing between verified and delegated owners
  • Easier, immediate removal of verified owners (no need to remove their ownership token)
  • Ability to change delegated owners' permissions levels (owner, full, restricted)
  • Ability to see your property's verification tokens for all current and previous users and specifically see tokens leftover by previous owners
  • Ownership events history

Best practices

As a reminder, here are some best practices for managing user permissions in Search Console.

First, grant users only the permission level that they need to do their work. You can change permission levels for non-verified owners with the More actions menu. Make sure to revoke or change permission levels from users who no longer work on a property, and regularly audit and update permissions through the users and permissions page in Search Console.