public static abstract class Spliterators.AbstractDoubleSpliterator extends Object
implements Spliterator.OfDouble

An abstract Spliterator.OfDouble that implements trySplit to permit limited parallelism.

To implement a spliterator an extending class need only implement tryAdvance(java.util.function.DoubleConsumer) tryAdvance}. The extending class should override forEachRemaining(java.util.function.DoubleConsumer) forEach} if it can provide a more performant implementation.

Inherited Constant Summary

Protected Constructor Summary

Spliterators.AbstractDoubleSpliterator(long est, int additionalCharacteristics)
Creates a spliterator reporting the given estimated size and characteristics.

Public Method Summary

Returns a set of characteristics of this Spliterator and its elements.
Returns an estimate of the number of elements that would be encountered by a forEachRemaining(Consumer) traversal, or returns MAX_VALUE if infinite, unknown, or too expensive to compute.
If this spliterator can be partitioned, returns a Spliterator covering elements, that will, upon return from this method, not be covered by this Spliterator. This implementation permits limited parallelism.

Inherited Method Summary