public abstract class Certificate extends Object
Known Direct Subclasses

Abstract class to represent identity certificates. It represents a way to verify the binding of a Principal and its public key. Examples are X.509, PGP, and SDSI.

Note: This package is provided only for compatibility reasons. It contains a simplified version of the java.security.cert package that was previously used by JSSE (Java SSL package). All applications that do not have to be compatible with older versions of JSSE (that is before Java SDK 1.5) should only use java.security.cert.

Public Constructor Summary

Creates a new Certificate.

Public Method Summary

equals(Object obj)
Compares the argument to this Certificate.
abstract byte[]
Returns the encoded representation for this certificate.
abstract PublicKey
Returns the public key corresponding to this certificate.
Returns an integer hash code for the receiver.
abstract String
Returns a string containing a concise, human-readable description of the receiver.
abstract void
verify(PublicKey key, String sigProvider)
Verifies that this certificate was signed with the given public key.
abstract void