public class CertPathBuilderException extends GeneralSecurityException

An exception indicating one of a variety of problems encountered when building a certification path with a CertPathBuilder.

A CertPathBuilderException provides support for wrapping exceptions. The getCause method returns the throwable, if any, that caused this exception to be thrown.

Concurrent Access

Unless otherwise specified, the methods defined in this class are not thread-safe. Multiple threads that need to access a single object concurrently should synchronize amongst themselves and provide the necessary locking. Multiple threads each manipulating separate objects need not synchronize.

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Public Constructor Summary

Creates a CertPathBuilderException with null as its detail message.
CertPathBuilderException(String msg)
Creates a CertPathBuilderException with the given detail message.
CertPathBuilderException(Throwable cause)
Creates a CertPathBuilderException that wraps the specified throwable.
CertPathBuilderException(String msg, Throwable cause)
Creates a CertPathBuilderException with the specified detail message and cause.

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