public class Attributes extends Object
implements Map<ObjectObject> Cloneable

The Attributes class maps Manifest attribute names to associated string values. Valid attribute names are case-insensitive, are restricted to the ASCII characters in the set [0-9a-zA-Z_-], and cannot exceed 70 characters in length. Attribute values can contain any characters and will be UTF8-encoded when written to the output stream. See the JAR File Specification for more information about valid attribute names and values.

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Nested Class Summary

class Attributes.Name The Attributes.Name class represents an attribute name stored in this Map. 

Field Summary

protected Map<ObjectObject> map The attribute name-value mappings.

Public Constructor Summary

Constructs a new, empty Attributes object with default size.
Attributes(int size)
Constructs a new, empty Attributes object with the specified initial size.
Attributes(Attributes attr)
Constructs a new Attributes object with the same attribute name-value mappings as in the specified Attributes.

Public Method Summary

Removes all attributes from this Map.
Returns a copy of the Attributes, implemented as follows:
     public Object clone() { return new Attributes(this); }
Since the attribute names and values are themselves immutable, the Attributes returned can be safely modified without affecting the original.