public interface DocumentHandler
Known Indirect Subclasses

This interface was deprecated.
This interface has been replaced by the SAX2 ContentHandler interface, which includes Namespace support.

Receive notification of general document events.

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This was the main event-handling interface for SAX1; in SAX2, it has been replaced by ContentHandler, which provides Namespace support and reporting of skipped entities. This interface is included in SAX2 only to support legacy SAX1 applications.

The order of events in this interface is very important, and mirrors the order of information in the document itself. For example, all of an element's content (character data, processing instructions, and/or subelements) will appear, in order, between the startElement event and the corresponding endElement event.

Application writers who do not want to implement the entire interface can derive a class from HandlerBase, which implements the default functionality; parser writers can instantiate HandlerBase to obtain a default handler. The application can find the location of any document event using the Locator interface supplied by the Parser through the setDocumentLocator method.

Public Method Summary

abstract void
characters(char[] ch, int start, int length)
Receive notification of character data.
abstract void
Receive notification of the end of a document.
abstract void
endElement(String name)
Receive notification of the end of an element.
abstract void
ignorableWhitespace(char[] ch, int start, int length)
Receive notification of ignorable whitespace in element content.
abstract void