public abstract class KeyStoreSpi extends Object

This class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the KeyStore class. All the abstract methods in this class must be implemented by each cryptographic service provider who wishes to supply the implementation of a keystore for a particular keystore type.

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abstract Enumeration<String>
Lists all the alias names of this keystore.
abstract boolean
engineContainsAlias(String alias)
Checks if the given alias exists in this keystore.
abstract void
engineDeleteEntry(String alias)
Deletes the entry identified by the given alias from this keystore.
engineEntryInstanceOf(String alias, Class<? extends KeyStore.Entry> entryClass)
Determines if the keystore Entry for the specified alias is an instance or subclass of the specified entryClass.
abstract Certificate
engineGetCertificate(String alias)
Returns the certificate associated with the given alias.
abstract String
engineGetCertificateAlias(Certificate cert)
Returns the (alias) name of the first keystore entry whose certificate matches the given certificate.
abstract Certificate[]
engineGetCertificateChain(String alias)
Returns the certificate chain associated with the given alias.
abstract Date
engineGetCreationDate(String alias)
Returns the creation date of the entry identified by the given alias.
engineGetEntry(String alias, KeyStore.ProtectionParameter protParam)
Gets a KeyStore.Entry for the specified alias with the specified protection parameter.
abstract Key
engineGetKey(String alias, char[] password)
Returns the key associated with the given alias, using the given password to recover it.
abstract boolean
engineIsCertificateEntry(String alias)
Returns true if the entry identified by the given alias was created by a call to setCertificateEntry, or created by a call to setEntry with a TrustedCertificateEntry.
abstract boolean
engineIsKeyEntry(String alias)
Returns true if the entry identified by the given alias was created by a call to setKeyEntry, or created by a call to setEntry with a PrivateKeyEntry or a SecretKeyEntry.
engineLoad(KeyStore.LoadStoreParameter param)
Loads the keystore using the given KeyStore.LoadStoreParameter.
abstract void
engineLoad(InputStream stream, char[] password)
Loads the keystore from the given input stream.
abstract void
engineSetCertificateEntry(String alias, Certificate cert)
Assigns the given certificate to the given alias.
engineSetEntry(String alias, KeyStore.Entry entry, KeyStore.ProtectionParameter protParam)
Saves a KeyStore.Entry under the specified alias.
abstract void
engineSetKeyEntry(String alias, Key key, char[] password, Certificate[] chain)
Assigns the given key to the given alias, protecting it with the given password.
abstract void
engineSetKeyEntry(String alias, byte[] key, Certificate[] chain)
Assigns the given key (that has already been protected) to the given alias.
abstract int
Retrieves the number of entries in this keystore.
engineStore(KeyStore.LoadStoreParameter param)
Stores this keystore using the given KeyStore.LoadStoreParmeter.
abstract void
engineStore(OutputStream stream, char[] password)
Stores this keystore to the given output stream, and protects its integrity with the given password.

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public KeyStoreSpi ()

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