public class ErrorManager extends Object

ErrorManager objects can be attached to Handlers to process any error that occurs on a Handler during Logging.

When processing logging output, if a Handler encounters problems then rather than throwing an Exception back to the issuer of the logging call (who is unlikely to be interested) the Handler should call its associated ErrorManager.

Constant Summary

int CLOSE_FAILURE CLOSE_FAILURE is used when a close of an output stream fails.
int FLUSH_FAILURE FLUSH_FAILURE is used when a flush to an output stream fails.
int FORMAT_FAILURE FORMAT_FAILURE is used when formatting fails for any reason.
int GENERIC_FAILURE GENERIC_FAILURE is used for failure that don't fit into one of the other categories.
int OPEN_FAILURE OPEN_FAILURE is used when an open of an output stream fails.
int WRITE_FAILURE WRITE_FAILURE is used when a write to an output stream fails.

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

synchronized void
error(String msg, Exception ex, int code)
The error method is called when a Handler failure occurs.

Inherited Method Summary