public class SAXException extends Exception
Known Direct Subclasses

Encapsulate a general SAX error or warning.

This module, both source code and documentation, is in the Public Domain, and comes with NO WARRANTY. See for further information.

This class can contain basic error or warning information from either the XML parser or the application: a parser writer or application writer can subclass it to provide additional functionality. SAX handlers may throw this exception or any exception subclassed from it.

If the application needs to pass through other types of exceptions, it must wrap those exceptions in a SAXException or an exception derived from a SAXException.

If the parser or application needs to include information about a specific location in an XML document, it should use the SAXParseException subclass.

Public Constructor Summary

Create a new SAXException.
SAXException(String message)
Create a new SAXException.
SAXException(Exception e)
Create a new SAXException wrapping an existing exception.
SAXException(String message, Exception e)
Create a new SAXException from an existing exception.

Public Method Summary

Return the embedded e