public static final enum Collector.Characteristics extends Enum<Collector.Characteristics>

Characteristics indicating properties of a Collector, which can be used to optimize reduction implementations.

Inherited Method Summary

Enum Values

public static final Collector.Characteristics CONCURRENT

Indicates that this collector is concurrent, meaning that the result container can support the accumulator function being called concurrently with the same result container from multiple threads.

If a CONCURRENT collector is not also UNORDERED, then it should only be evaluated concurrently if applied to an unordered data source.

public static final Collector.Characteristics IDENTITY_FINISH

Indicates that the finisher function is the identity function and can be elided. If set, it must be the case that an unchecked cast from A to R will succeed.

public static final Collector.Characteristics UNORDERED

Indicates that the collection operation does not commit to preserving the encounter order of input elements. (This might be true if the result container has no intrinsic order, such as a Set.)